A Few Tips Provided by a Professional Water Heater Repair Technician

Your water heater is a complex device you should never try to repair yourself once it fails, unless you are a plumber. Once it starts to show early indications of problems, most people do not understand what’s going on. This blog aims to provide you with more information about its common failures and how to recognize them:

  • Rusty water. If you see dirty water with a bad odor coming out of your water heater, this is not normal and there is definitely something wrong with your device. Do you notice water with the distinctive “rusty” color? Maybe there are some rusty internal components that have to be inspected urgently. Or if you have galvanized piping, you might have rusty pipes. No matter the reason, such a problem is dangerous for your health and it has to be addressed as soon as possible.
  • Rumbling noises. As your device ages and considering the hardness of your water, its tank begins to build up sediment as a result of the constant heating and cooling. When this happens, you can hear “rumbling” sound coming out of it. This is another typical sign that you have to shut if off and call a competent water heater repair technician.
  • Intensive leaks. One of the worst nightmares for homeowners is to have a leaky water heater. If you notice moisture or puddles anywhere around it, they indicate a failure. But before you do anything, make sure the leakage is not coming from its fittings or connections to the tank.
  • Too old device. How old is your boiler? It is crucial to keep its manual and look at it if you forget about its age. In general, most water heaters last up to 10 years. If yours is older, maybe you should start saving for a new one.

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